Conformity Assessment Advisors

Below you can find a number of independent advisors identified as competent and knowledgeable in ACCS standards and audits who may be able to help your business prepare for audit or pre-audit assessments.

If you need some advice prior to arranging your Certification audit, you are welcome to get in touch with an advisor of your choice depending on your requirements.

Who are the members of the Conformity Assessment Advisors?

Conformity Assessment Advisors are independent of ACCS, and your chosen advisor(s) will make all arrangements with you independently of ACCS. Any fees paid to them form part of a service agreement between you and the advisor, separate to your certification contract with ACCS. Using a Conformity Assessment Advisor does not guarantee you will pass an ACCS audit, and it is important to note that there are other organisations and individuals who may be able to provide a similar service. Age Check Certification Scheme do not receive any fee or other payment for any work undertaken by Conformity Assessment Advisors in any circumstances.

Graham Baker

Graham Baker

Graham runs a quality consultancy specialising in the development of certification systems and quality auditing.

In the past 30 years he has worked with over 500 organisations world-wide, helping them improve what they do and how they do it.

He has set up both national and international quality certification systems, trained thousands of auditors, and audited many local, national and international organisations. The Standards that he has audited against include ISO 9001, IiP, PQASSO, Trusted Charity Mark, Investors in Volunteers and QISMET.

Graham’s first career was in Trading Standards, where he ended up as Deputy Director of the Local Authority Co-ordinating Body for Trading Standards. Whilst there he developed a QA programme for Trading Standards and trained all TSO’s in quality auditing techniques.

Ito Onojeghuo

Ito Onojeghuo

Ito Onojeghuo is the Director, Head of Privacy and Data Protection of ALLNET Law. She is a Fellow of Information Privacy (FIP), a Certified Information Privacy Professional, Manager and Technologist with a Master of Laws in Internet Law and Policy (LLM). She has a unique mix of experience that embraces, IT, Quality Assurance, Data Protection Compliance and Organisational Change Management.

Ito advises on a range of data protection law and cyber security issues – from strategic issues related to the latest technological developments such as identity verification, artificial intelligence, data protection by design and default to the implementation of global privacy compliance programmes. She has been instrumental in determining solutions for process improvement, strategic planning and policy development. She has strong technical skills and extensive experience in the deployment of a variety of systems and procedures to meet business and regulatory compliance requirements.

She currently assists a number of global establishments as an independent Data Protection Consultant, Group Data Protection Officer and EU Representative. With strong knowledge and experience of privacy related laws across various jurisdictions, including the UK DPA 2018, UK and EU GDPR, CCPA, NDPR and HIPAA. Ito advises on cross-border data transfer mechanisms and supports businesses in making strategic decisions to ensure compliance with processing of personal data and rules relating to the international data transfer.

Ito is also an accredited Training Partner for the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) and provides training on all IAPP’s Professional Privacy Certifications (CIPP/E and CIPM) and bespoke in-house training.

Iain Corby

Iain Corby

Iain serves as Executive Director of the Age Verification Providers Association, and provides strategic advice to the sector collectively and to individual members and their clients.

He has developed an expertise in current and forthcoming UK legislation relating to age restrictions, including the Age Appropriate Design Code, GDPR, the Audio Visual Media Services Directive and the Online Safety Bill.

He was recently appointed to the ICO’s Children Advisory Panel which is an independent expert group advising on the regulator on the implementation of the Children’s Code (AADC). 

He is a leading architect of the Commission funded euCONSENT project to deliver online age verification and parental consent mechanisms across Europe.

He has a degree in PPE from Balliol College, Oxford and holds an MBA the Anderson School at UCLA. He was a management consultant with Deloitte for 12 years before running a research team in Parliament and then becoming deputy CEO of the charity GambleAware. He is the founder and CEO of SafetyTech Limited, providing consultancy services across this emerging sector.

Gary Langrish

Gary Langrish

Gary Langrish has a wealth of experience in Cybersecurity and Data Protection, having led projects at Marks and Spencer PLC, Yorkshire Building Society, HMRC and as UK Head of Data Protection at Handelsbanken PLC.

Gary is also the CEO of Trust Hogen, a successful Liverpool based Privacy Consultancy that has seen engagement with clients from the health, insurance, financial, HR and Construction sectors, operating in the UK , Scandinavia and California.

Gary has a passion for making Data Protection and Cyber Security simple, with a mission to demystify all things Privacy.

Alan Goode

Alan Goode

Alan Goode is the CEO and Chief Analyst of Goode Intelligence, a research and consulting company founded in 2007 for the authentication, identity and biometrics industry.

Alan is an expert in biometrics, authentication/identity, fraud management and cyber security and has worked in finance, telecommunications, air travel, passport manufacture and law enforcement.

He has been an identity practice manager at Atos Origin, head of digital security at De La Rue Identity and head of information security at T-Mobile UK.

Alan works internationally for biometrics, authentication and identity specialists, identity providers and enterprise organisations.

He has an in-depth understanding of the latest technology standards and regulation that is governing the identity and biometrics industry.