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Our Scheme applies our own, national and international standards appropriate to the operations of our Scheme Clients. We are also actively involved in Standards Development through our policy team, public consultations and seeking to continual improve age check practices around the world.

Standards are expensive to draft and develop and are rarely available free of charge. There are strict copyright rules in place, but in the links below, clients can navigate to our shop or to the BSI shop or other locations to purchase standards.

Age Check Certification Scheme Standards

This Scheme is built on a modular approach to applicable standards and technical requirements. As a part of the Application Review Process, a Certification Officer assesses the applicable requirements for the business model of the Scheme Client. There suite of applicable requirements is constantly changing as new methodologies emerge, new standards are developed and new technical requirements are introduced.


ACCS Experience

We’ve worked with customers all over the world in a wealth of sectors, bringing our expertise to retailers, age check providers, gambling companies, entertainment providers and more. Find out how we can help your company safeguard young people and stay compliant.

A full comprehensive current list can be found on the Standards Section of the Scheme website, but include:

Proof of Age Standards Scheme

The Scheme is the appointed auditor for the UK’s Proof of Age Standards Scheme operated by PASSCO cic – their applicable standards include:

National and International Standards

Previous Versions of Scheme Rules

Any previous versions of Approved Scheme Rules will be available to view on each of their relevant pages, but should not be used for current applications and assessments. They are provided for historical reference purposes.