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What is UK GDPR?

UK GDPR is the UK General Data Protection Regulation, and it came into force in 2018. It consists of a series of regulations designed to protect people’s personal data. All UK businesses – as well as international companies that operate in the UK – are required to comply with UK GDPR.

What is the Age Appropriate Design Code?

The Age Appropriate Design Code – also known as the AADC, or the Children’s Code – aims to keep children safe online. This code puts children in control of their personal data, making the internet a safer place for them to learn, play, and explore.

Are you ICO approved and what does that mean?

Our certification criteria for Age Appropriate Design and UK GDPR for Age Check Systems is ICO approved under Article 42(5) of the UK General Data Protection Regulation. You can find us on the ICO’s public register for AADC Scheme here and the UK GDPR for Age Providers Scheme here.

Does UK GDPR affect my business or website?

If your business operates in the UK, you need to be UK GDPR-compliant. That means you need to ensure you have the right data protection processes, policies and procedures in place – and that they are followed diligently by all your staff.

Does Age Appropriate Design Code affect my business or website?

If your online business or service is, or is likely to be accessed by children in the UK, you need to be AADC-compliant. In particular, the AADC applies to apps; search engines; social media platforms; online messaging services; online marketplaces; content streaming services; online games; news or educational websites; and other sites offering goods or services to users over the internet.

Who is your UK GDPR scheme for?

Our UK GDPR scheme is for Age or ID Assurance systems, that are also carrying out independent testing or certification with us.

Who is your Age Appropriate Design Certification for?

Our Age Appropriate Design Certification is for any business that is in ICO scope of the code. You can find out more on what types of business are in scope on the ICO website.

Why do I need to be UK GDPR Certified?

UK GDPR is vital for protecting the personal data of your customers and staff. The regulator can issue fines of up to £17.5 million or 4% of your annual global turnover for breaches of UK GDPR law – so it’s crucial that you comply with these regulations.

Certification can help you avoid fines and regulatory action; help you win more business; and give your customers peace of mind that their data is in safe hands.

Why do I need to be AADC Certified?

AADC is part of UK GDPR, so the potential penalties for non-compliance are the same as for UK GDPR law.

Getting AADC-certified signals to the ICO that your business is compliant with the Children’s Code, so while they focus on prioritising their audit visits appropriately, you can focus on growing your business. It is also a fantastic way to demonstrate a desire to be visibly compliant and gains trust with your clients, end-users and end-user’s parent or guardian.

How long will it take to certify my data and privacy system?

The time it takes to certify your data and privacy system will depend on the size and scope of your company. Get in touch with our business development team to discuss certification for your business.

What standards do you use to certify data and privacy compliance?

Our standard for UK GDPR compliance is recognised by UKAS.

We’ll use this quality standard to assess your ID or Age Assurance system against UK data protection regulations and ensure it is UK GDPR-compliant.

We’ve also developed the first ever ICO-approved certification criteria for the Age Appropriate Design Code to help you earn recognition from regulators.

What are the prerequisites for UK GDPR certification with ACCS?

Our GDPR certification scheme is only available when you apply for another ACCS product at the same time. Find out more about our age assurance and identity assurance schemes.

Our mission is to protect children from the harm associated with access to age-restricted products, content and services.

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