ACCS governance


The Age Check Certification Scheme delivers world class certification services to age check providers and age restricted goods, content and services industries.

Our certification processes are robust and impartial; ensuring the trust and confidence of consumers, industry, government and stakeholders. Our processes and systems are set up in accordance with ISO 17065:2012 and we operate in accordance with the scheme regulations for our certification mark set out by the UK Intellectual Property Office:

  • Our governance is anchored through our Board to deliver impartial, competent and consistent certification decisions.
  • Our Board is supported by our highly professional assessment and evaluation team, both through our employees and our network of specialist assessors and auditors.


We are committed to ensuring that our certification decisions are impartial. We publish our Impartiality and Independence Policy Statement.


We invest in our people to make them the very best at what they do. We believe in continuous personal and professional development of both our staff and our contractors. We publish information about how our people are assessed for competence in our Competency Information.


We operate quality control measures to guarantee a consistency of approach. We have a three-stage complaints and appeals process with clear routes for applicants and others to challenge decisions. Our General Scheme Rules are publicly available and the Standards that we apply are available through our Standards Information Page.

The Impartiality Panel

The Age Check Certification Scheme has established an Impartiality Panel to provide independent review and oversight of quality management certification activities. The role of this Panel is to review our certification activities and verify that they are performed impartially without undue influences that might affect the impartiality of services offered.

The main responsibilities of the Impartiality Panel are:

  • To assist with the development of policies relating to the impartiality of our certification services,
  • To periodically review the impartiality of our certification processes.
  • To advise on matters affecting confidence in certification, including openness and public perception,
  • To prevent commercial or other considerations from affecting the objective provision of certification services, and
  • To ensure that the actions of the panel itself do not present any risks to impartiality.

Impartiality Risk Register

The Age Check Certification Scheme has developed an Impartiality Risk Register, in line with the principles of ISO/IEC 17065, to ensure that all potential risks to impartiality are recorded and mitigated. We have done this by creating a detailed set of Impartiality Risk Registers which themselves are subject to review and audit by the Impartiality Panel.

The Certification Panel

We have also established a Certification Panel to provide us with deep technical know-how and authority in the age and identity assurance space. The role of this Panel is to help guide our team of auditors on the interpretation and application of standards, frameworks and rules around age and identity assurance, to be across the threat matrix and emerging challenges in the sector, and to act as the final route of internal appeal against any decisions made by our certification officers.

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