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Test Purchasing FAQ

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Why do I need to undertake test purchasing?

Test purchasing is designed to check your processes and approach to Challenge 25 or asking for ID in an impartial, accurate way.

This enables you to demonstrate your compliance with trading standards and monitor staff performance.

What’s the difference between test purchasing and mystery shopping?

The two terms are often used interchangeably.

Test purchasing is designed to ensure your business complies with current age and ID check regulations. mystery shopping can be used to check staff compliance with your in-store customer service policies.

Our Test Purchasing also allow you to check online compliance as well as in-store.

How can I sign up for your test purchasing scheme?

Fill in our online contact form and we’ll schedule a telephone appointment with you to discuss your test purchasing needs in greater detail.

How many times will your test purchasers visit my store?

With an ACCS test purchasing scheme, we offer a client-led service and will work with you to determine how often your store(s) should be visited by our test purchasers.

What happens if my store fails testing?

You’ll be able to decide on the next steps if your store is determined to be at risk.

Many businesses choose to take advantage of our training programmes and professional signage to reinforce their staff training, then proceed with a follow-up visit to ensure the store is compliant.

How do you get results from test purchasers?

Our test purchasers complete their test purchasing survey using our app.

This information is then collected by our team, who will issue you with a certificate outlining the test purchaser’s experience and the result for your store(s).

How do I know the Test Purchasing results are accurate?

Unlike test purchasing services that offer instant results, as a UKAS accredited scheme, our test purchasing feedback undergoes a thorough quality assurance process before the results reach you.

That means you’ll get fully validated, certified results that can be used to prove a history of compliance to Trading Standards officials. This also means you won’t need to spend time verifying your own results – you can be sure they’re accurate and valid as soon as you receive them.

Our test purchasing scheme operates to ISO17065, which guarantees that your test purchasing results will be quality checked to the highest standard by our certification officers.

How can I raise a query about my test purchasing result?

You will have a dedicated Account Manager and can raise any queries with them via email or phone.

Do you offer training and resources for good age verification practices?

Yes! We want all our clients to succeed and offer a range of training courses which are delivered by trading standards officers to ensure your staff receive comprehensive, up-to-date training.

How do I sign up for a training course?

Our front-line staff courses can be booked online. Courses for compliance managers and advanced practitioners can be booked by using our contact form, or by calling our office on 0345 257 0018.

Our mission is to protect children from the harm associated with access to age-restricted products, content and services.

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