PAS 1296:2018

PAS 1296:2018 is a Code of Practice for Online Age Verification service providers developed by the British Standards Institute and the Digital Policy Alliance.
We evaluate, audit and certify age check systems against the PAS1296:2018 Code of Practice for Online Age Check Systems.
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PAS 1296:2018 – Ensuring Compliance and Best Practices in Online Age Verification

What is PAS 1296:2018 and Who Does It Apply To?

PAS 1296, or Publicly Available Specification 1296, serves as a benchmark for demonstrating best practices and compliance in online age-checking procedures. It offers businesses a structured approach to ensure adherence to regulations and safeguard their reputation. By addressing privacy, security, safety, usability, accessibility, and data protection concerns, PAS provides comprehensive guidelines for efficient and effective age verification processes online. This standard is applicable to anyone providing age verification services.

PAS 1296 Certification:

PAS 1296 certification ensures that third-party solution providers or businesses offering online age verification services comply fully with specific regulatory compliance requirements. This certification protects customers from accessing age-sensitive material and demonstrates a commitment to regulatory compliance. Compliance with PAS 1296:2018 is crucial for businesses providing online age verification services, as it not only demonstrates adherence to regulatory standards but also enhances consumer trust and protection. This voluntary standard is recognized and respected by regulators, underscoring its importance in ensuring a safe and compliant online environment.

Benefits of Compliance:

  • Recognition in Assured Advice: The PAS standard is recognized in Assured Advice provided by local law enforcement officers and regulators, enhancing credibility and trustworthiness.
  • Enhanced Consumer Protection: Compliance with PAS  safeguards customers from accessing age-sensitive material online, promoting a safer online environment.
  • Independent Verification: Claims of conformity against PAS  are verified by independent third parties, ensuring the credibility and reliability of age verification processes.
  • Operational Excellence: Certification ensures that age verification suppliers operate according to the highest standards, meeting the stringent requirements of PAS 1296 and ACCS 4:2020 Technical Requirements for Age Check Systems.

Steps to Certification:

1. Apply for Certification: Fill out the form to apply or get in touch with us.
2. Receive Quotation & Schedule Audit: We’ll provide a quotation, and you can secure your audit dates to test system compliance.
3. Get Certified: If you pass the assessment, we’ll issue your certificate and list you on our public registry.

Achieving PAS 1296:2018 certification not only ensures compliance with regulations but also enhances consumer trust and operational excellence in the age verification process.

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