The Age Check Certification Scheme (ACCS) is a UKAS-accredited conformity assessment body, comprised of auditors, certification specialists, and data protection experts.

We independently test and certify online and offline systems that check age and identity, such as passport scanners, biometric technology, and age verification software.

Policy and Regulatory Engagement

Standards Development

We provide certification against both external and internal standards as appropriate to the circumstances of the applicant. We also work closely with standards development bodies like the Proof of Age Standards SchemeBritish Standards InstitutionEuropean Telecommunications Standards Institute and the International Standards Organisation on new and emerging standards in the field of age assurance.

A full list of standards that we currently utilise is available on our Internationally Recognised Standards Page.

We are significantly involved in standards development work, both internally and externally. We regularly invite stakeholders to comment on our standards. You can submit your comments by email to info@accscheme.org.uk or through our Contact Us Page.


Currently under development

  • ACCS 5: 2021 – Technical Requirements for Age Check System Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scans
  • ACCS 6: 2021 – Technical Requirements for Parental Consent or Social Proofing for Age Gateway Technologies
  • ACCS 7: 2021 – Technical Requirements for Digital ID & Attribute Trust Frameworks
  • ACCS 8: 2021 – Technical Requirements for Ambient Lighting Analysis of Age Check Capture Sub Systems

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Need advice?

If you need some advice prior to arranging your Certification audit, you are welcome to get in touch with an advisor of your choice depending on your requirements.

Conformity Assessment Advisors

Conformity Assessment Advisors are independent of ACCS, and your chosen advisor(s) will make all arrangements with you independently of ACCS. Any fees paid to them form part of a service agreement between you and the advisor, separate to your certification contract with ACCS.

Using a Conformity Assessment Advisor does not guarantee you will pass an ACCS audit, and it is important to note that there are other organisations and individuals who may be able to provide a similar service. Age Check Certification Scheme do not receive any fee or other payment for any work undertaken by Conformity Assessment Advisors in any circumstances.