Age Verification Certification

We specialize in providing robust and reliable age verification solutions to ensure compliance and safety.


What We Do


The PASS card, accredited by the Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS), is a trusted UK proof-of-age document. Learn its features, benefits, and secure age verification. Organizations gain enhanced credibility, legal compliance, and auditor support with PASS accreditation.

PAS 1296

We certify companies for PAS 1296 (Publicly Available Specification 1296), ensuring they adhere to best practices and compliance in online age-checking procedures. Our certification process provides a structured approach that addresses privacy, security, safety, usability, accessibility, and data protection concerns, helping businesses meet regulatory requirements and safeguard their reputation with efficient and effective age verification solutions.


We certify businesses for age estimation, ensuring accurate and reliable age verification. Achieve compliance, protect minors, and build trust with our expert certification services.

Steps to Achieve Certification

STEP 1: Apply for Software Testing

Click on “Apply,” fill out a simple form with basic information about the tests you need, and receive a free quotation.

STEP 2: System Evaluation

Our team of experts will thoroughly evaluate your software based on the information provided. We will conduct a comprehensive assessment, testing for performance, security, usability, and any other requested aspects. This process ensures your software meets the highest standards and performs optimally.

STEP 3: Receive Results and Certification

After completing the evaluation, we will provide you with a detailed report of our findings. If your software meets the required standards, you have the option to receive a certification, validating its quality and performance.

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